Demos from the NT Conference 2008 

As promised, here are the sources from my NTK 2008 sessions [1].

Talk: Document Style Service Interfaces

Read the following blog entry, I tried to describe the concept in detail. Also, this blog post discusses issues when using large document parameters with reliable transport  (WS-RM) channels.

Demo: Document Style Service Interfaces [Download]

This demo defines a service interface with the document parameter model, ie. Guid CreatePerson(XmlDocument person). It shows three different approaches to creation of the passed document:

  1. Raw XML creation
  2. XML Serialization of the (attribute annotated) object graph
  3. XML Serialization using the client object model

Also, versioned schemas for the Person document are shown, including the support for document validation and version independence.

Talk: Windows Server 2008 and Transactional NTFS

This blog entry describes the concept.

Demo 1: Logging using CLFS (Common Log File System) [Download]
Demo 2: NTFS Transactions using the File System, SQL, WCF [Download]
Demo 3: NTFS Transactions using the WCF, MTOM Transport [Download] [2]

[1] All sources are in VS 2008 solution file format.
[2] This transaction spans from the client, through the service boundary, to the server.

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