NTK 2007: About Being Better 

Having posted a disturbing post last year, I have a moral obligation to repost my current state of mind.

This year's NT conference was way better, especially regarding fun-activating activities. It's not my cup of tea, when things are being cut, but I was impressed by the plethora of activities that were not present this year.

Yeah, I know. When you've got activities that are not present, you're in it deep.

Clarifying it, here it goes.

I like it when things are not there (regarding fun during the NT conference).

  • I like the fact that sponsors and partners were not given a carte blache.
  • I like the fact that there were no naked ladies running around. Doh!
  • I like the fact that I like the fact that there were no naked ladies running around.
  • I like the fact that there was not enough free beer.
  • I like the fact that parties were not too 'lomaniac.
  • I like the fact that we, speakers, were pressured again.
  • I like the fact that, above all, this was a step forward.

What I don't I like (in 2007 incarnation):

  • I don't like keynotes that have (almost, sorry) no content.
  • I don't like keynotes that have no cues, allowing people to leave with no impression.
  • I especially don't like keynotes that, having a plethora of technology to show, don't make attendees drool their asses off.
  • I don't like 30 minute breaks. Sorry, too long.
  • I don't like that attendees have no free evenings. It's just to reflect on what they've heard.

And, as stated previously (and again) I don't like parties happening every evening on a technical conference. But that might just be the rule I have.

If NTK continues in this year's fashion, we all did a good job. If only next year, they would get some pre/post conference options (hint) for the technical savvy.

Luke, Kamenko, this is a major contribution to being on the right track again. Kudos.

[This post can and probably will, position me into the nerd crowd. It is not my intention. For you, who know me personally, you know what I'm talking about. At a certain point of fun, everybody has enough.]

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