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Based on my previous post about Stylus Studio's XQuery support petition, Jonathan Robie writes:

Does Matevz really believe that the lack of a Microsoft editor on the XQuery spec is the reason it's taken so long?

No (that's why there's a 'maybe' and 'helps' in there). But it doesn't help either. From my point of view there are three real limiting factors for limping with XQuery for more than 6 years (1998 workshop, 1999 working group gathered):

  1. Competitive corporate agendas
  2. Becoming tightly coupled with other XML specs
  3. Ambitious spec in the first place

In that order. Microsoft's reasons right now are completely transparent. They would be more than thankful if the spec reached Recommendation status. Including partial support in SQL Server 2005 is a bit of a gamble with development dollars. But holding it back, on the contrary, can backfire too.

Going back to my statement:

I'm wondering why the XQuery spec isn't moving anywhere. Maybe the lack of Microsoft editor in the editor list helps ignoring the importance of this technology in the soon-to-be-released products. Current editors don't seem to be bothered with the decisions Microsoft has to take. I'm sure though, that Jonathan Robie (DataDirect Technologies) is pushing hard on Microsoft's behalf.

From Jonathan's response I believe he doesn't agree with the editor part and not him pushing on Microsoft's behalf.

From my perception, major mainstream platform support for XQuery would do well both for the vendors and the XQuery in general. It's been cooking so long that it needs solid support, before becoming overcooked, like XML Schema. And yes, I agree that there are some wonderful implementations out in the wild already. Developer penetration is what this technology still has to achieve.

I'm sure, Jonathan, that Paul Cotton & Co, would be more than willing to wrap up, if things aligned. Looking forward to your viewpoint on why it's taking so long. The last one found is already a bit stale.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005 12:44:01 PM (Central Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)  #    Comments


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